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Grade 6 English Offline Educational Software

iRainbow’s Grade 6 English Educational Software, meticulously tailored for parents and educators, improves children’s language proficiency building upon the solid foundations laid in Grade 5 English. The curriculum delves into the complexities of English grammar, encompassing an expanded range of topics such as abstract, collective, and possessive nouns and a more nuanced study of personal and reflexive pronouns.

Grade 6 students will explore more sophisticated sentence structures at this stage, including the intricate relationships between subject, object, and verb, and the nuanced use of statement, question, exclamation, and command sentences. The program rigorously tackles advanced punctuation, including colons, semicolons, apostrophes, and quotation marks, alongside further exploration in word-level work like homophones, synonyms, and antonyms. Moreover, the Grade 6 course enhances its focus on idiomatic expressions, acronyms, and abbreviations. It deepens the understanding of elements of poetry, with an emphasis on literary devices such as alliteration, assonance, consonance, rhythm, and rhyme. This comprehensive approach in the Grade 6 English Educational Software ensures that students solidify their grasp of the language and foster the skills essential for elevated literacy and expressive creativity.

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What Parents Say

I’m really impressed with iRainbow! It’s so easy to use and my kids love it! They are getting better marks in maths as a result. The amount of exercises and assessments is huge, and the report system is excellent. Best of all, you don’t need an internet connection to use it. – which is great if you are traveling or don’t have a signal. The service is fantastic too! Really responsive and helpful. Overall, I cannot recommend iRainbow enough!
Metthew Msiza
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As an Educator I’m really impressed with Rainbow! The product is amazing and the kids can spend hours on it without getting bored. The videos are top-notch and running buddies are so cure – they add a lot of fun to the experience. Overall I highly recommend it.
Dr. Tiffany Louw
A parent with his two children happy after using iRainbow's offline educational software
If your’re looking for an educational software tool that is great results. Rainbow is a great option. I love how simple it is to get started – your child can be up and running in minutes. And the amount of content and exercises available really helps improve their maths skills. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my kid’s maths marks since using Rainbow by 40%!
Kuvashnee Naidoo


English: Grade 6 (Intermediate Phase) Curriculum

  • A1.1: Common nouns and proper
  • A1.2: Abstract nouns
  • A1.3: Personal and Possessive Pronouns
  • A1.4: Relative and reflexive pronouns
  • A2.1: Main verbs
  • A2.2: Auxiliary verbs and hyphenated verbs
  • A3.1: Adverbs from: Time, Manner, Place, and Degree
  • A4.1: Prepositions
  • A5.1: Adjectives
  • A6.1: Conjunctions
  • A7.1: Interjections
  • B1.1: Simple and compound sentences
  • B1.2: Subject, object, and verb and concord
  • B1.3: Statement, question, exclamation, and command sentences
  • B2.1: Present tense
  • B2.2: Future time
  • B2.3: Past tense
  • C1: Full stop and comma
  • C2: Apostrophe and quotation
  • C3: Capital letters
  • C4: Exclamation mark and question mark
  • D1: Singular and plurals
  • D2: Degrees of comparison
  • D3: Syllables
  • D4: Homophones and homonyms
  • D5: Synonyms and antonyms
  • D6: Vowels and consonants
  • D7: Direct and indirect speech
  • D8: Spelling patterns
  • E1.1: Idioms
  • F1.1: Acronyms and abbreviations
  • G1: Alliteration and assonance and consonance
  • G2: Metaphors, Similes
  • G3: Personification, Rhythm and Rhyme, Oxymoron
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How To Use Our Software

The Advantages of Choosing iRainbow

Enhanced Offline Learning Experience

iRainbow's Grade 6 English Educational Software offers an uninterrupted learning journey, even without internet access. This feature effectively addresses common digital challenges such as distractions and online safety, making it a secure and focused educational tool for both parents and educators.

Insightful Educational Oversight

Our platform delivers comprehensive feedback on each student's progress, accessible to both teachers and parents. This insightful data aids in promptly recognising students' strengths and areas needing improvement, facilitating a more effective and tailored educational approach.

Personalised Learning Adventures

iRainbow encourages students to personalise their learning experience by selecting avatars and digital companions. This customisation enhances student engagement, transforming the learning process into a captivating and interactive educational adventure.

Methodical Educational Framework

iRainbow's Grade 6 English Educational Software methodically segments educational content into digestible units. This structured approach keeps learners engaged and focused, promoting sustained interest and a deeper comprehension of each topic.

Adaptive Learning Tempo

Understanding that each student has unique learning styles and paces, iRainbow offers a flexible learning environment. This adaptability ensures that every learner progresses at a pace that suits their learning needs.

Comprehensive Platform Compatibility (iOS Launch Imminent)

Presently compatible with Android and PC systems, iRainbow is expanding its accessibility to include iOS devices. This cross-platform capability allows students to utilise educational resources on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Effortless Content Updates

When connected to the internet, iRainbow efficiently updates its educational materials. This feature ensures students have continuous access to the most current and relevant educational resources and updates.

Celebrating South African Innovation

iRainbow is a testament to South African innovation, developed and refined by a dedicated team of local professionals. Our commitment is to support and elevate the creative talents within our region.



 In Grade 6 English, students using iRainbow will cover an extensive curriculum that includes advanced grammar topics such as abstract, collective, and possessive nouns, personal and reflexive pronouns, as well as main, auxiliary, and hyphenated verbs. They will also delve into more complex sentence structures, punctuation forms like colons and semicolons, and a deeper exploration of word-level work, including homophones, synonyms, and antonyms. Additionally, the program enhances students’ understanding of idiomatic expressions, acronyms, and abbreviations. The english software provides a richer exploration of elements of poetry, including literary devices like alliteration, assonance, consonance, rhythm, and rhyme.