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Grade 3 Life Skills Offline Educational Software

Support your child on their dynamic Grade 3 life skills journey through iRainbow’s versatile software. Carefully synchronised with the South African curriculum and designed for offline access, our software ensures your child explores pivotal topics like self-awareness, feelings, and health protection. Your child will understand the significance of personal safety, rights, and responsibilities. They’ll delve into a nutritional journey with healthy eating, understand life cycles, and get engrossed with insects. They’ll learn about public safety, recycling, and pollution while exploring the nuances of ancient living, space, products, and processes. With iRainbow, learning about life skills becomes a fascinating voyage, nurturing your child’s interpersonal skills and broadening their knowledge horizons.

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What Parents Say

I’m really impressed with iRainbow! It’s so easy to use and my kids love it! They are getting better marks in maths as a result. The amount of exercises and assessments is huge, and the report system is excellent. Best of all, you don’t need an internet connection to use it. – which is great if you are traveling or don’t have a signal. The service is fantastic too! Really responsive and helpful. Overall, I cannot recommend iRainbow enough!
Metthew Msiza
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As an Educator I’m really impressed with Rainbow! The product is amazing and the kids can spend hours on it without getting bored. The videos are top-notch and running buddies are so cure – they add a lot of fun to the experience. Overall I highly recommend it.
Dr. Tiffany Louw
A parent with his two children happy after using iRainbow's offline educational software
If your’re looking for an educational software tool that is great results. Rainbow is a great option. I love how simple it is to get started – your child can be up and running in minutes. And the amount of content and exercises available really helps improve their maths skills. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my kid’s maths marks since using Rainbow by 40%!
Kuvashnee Naidoo


Grade 3 Life Skills Curriculum

  • All about me
  • Feelings
  • Health protection
  • Keeping my body safe
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Healthy eating
  • Insects
  • Life cycles
  • Recycling
  • Public Safety
  • Pollution
  • How people lived long ago
  • Space
  • Products and processes
  • Disasters and what we should do
  • Animals and creatures that help us
  • Religious days and other special days
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How To Use Our Software

The Advantages of Choosing iRainbow

Uninterrupted Learning Without the Internet

With iRainbow, children can concentrate on learning without internet distractions like social media, inappropriate content, online gaming, and potential cyber threats.

Monitoring by Parents and Educators

Our platform enables parents and teachers to track their student's progression efficiently, promptly recognising their cognitive strengths and areas needing extra attention.

Bespoke Learning Journey

iRainbow allows students to customise their avatars and choose a virtual buddy for their educational voyage, enriching the learning experience's appeal and engagement.

Structured Educational Path

Our educational programme offers a systematic approach, delivering lessons in digestible parts. This strategy ensures students comprehend each concept thoroughly before proceeding, minimising stress and disconnection.

Advancement at Personal Speed

iRainbow acknowledges learning obstacles and permits students to progress at their comfort, modifying the educational experience to cater to each individual's pace and preferences.

Accessible Across Devices (Soon to Support iOS)

iRainbow's user-friendly design lets learners utilise the software on Android and desktop devices, allowing study on a smartphone, tablet, or computer as per their preference and ease.

Self-updates When Online

When connected to the internet, iRainbow self-updates, guaranteeing users always have access to the newest features and curriculum advancements.

Proudly South African Creation

iRainbow is a symbol of South African creativity, developed and upheld by a devoted team of local specialists, embodying our dedication to nurturing and promoting domestic talent and innovation.

Life SKills & Life Orientation SOFTWARE

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