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Grade 10 Afrikaans Offline Educational Software

iRainbow’s state-of-the-art software is designed to enhance the Grade 10 learner’s proficiency in Afrikaans, build on Grade 9 Afrikaans, and fully align with the South African CAPS curriculum. It provides a thorough offline learning experience, covering critical language aspects such as Woordsoorte (Parts of Speech), Sinne (Sentences), Spelling, Morfologie (Morphology), and more. This engaging and easy-to-use software ensures that students develop a solid foundation in Afrikaans, making learning both effective and enjoyable.

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What Parents Say

I’m really impressed with iRainbow! It’s so easy to use and my kids love it! They are getting better marks in maths as a result. The amount of exercises and assessments is huge, and the report system is excellent. Best of all, you don’t need an internet connection to use it. – which is great if you are traveling or don’t have a signal. The service is fantastic too! Really responsive and helpful. Overall, I cannot recommend iRainbow enough!
Metthew Msiza
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As an Educator I’m really impressed with Rainbow! The product is amazing and the kids can spend hours on it without getting bored. The videos are top-notch and running buddies are so cure – they add a lot of fun to the experience. Overall I highly recommend it.
Dr. Tiffany Louw
A parent with his two children happy after using iRainbow's offline educational software
If your’re looking for an educational software tool that is great results. Rainbow is a great option. I love how simple it is to get started – your child can be up and running in minutes. And the amount of content and exercises available really helps improve their maths skills. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my kid’s maths marks since using Rainbow by 40%!
Kuvashnee Naidoo


Grade 10 Afrikaans Curriculum

  • Selfstandige naamwoorde & voornaamwoorde
    • Selfstandige naamwoorde 1
    • Selfstandige naamwoorde 2
    • Voornaamwoord
    • Betreklike voornaamwoord
    • Wederkerende voornaamwoord
  • Bywoorde
  • Voorsetsels
  • Byvoeglike naamwoorde
    • Attribitiewe en predikatiewe byvoeglike naamwoord
  • Voegwoorde
  • Lidwoorde
  • Bevelwoorde
  • Telwoorde
  • Sinsleer
    • Soorte Sinne
    • Lydend en bedrywend
    • Onderwerp, voorwerp en gesegde
    • Sinskonstruksie
    • Ontkenning
  • Tye
    • Tyd
  • Punktuasie
    • Deeltekens
    • Afkappingstekens
    • Koppeltekens
    • Leestekens
    • Aksent/Gravis
    • Kappies
  • Woordvlakwerk
    • Geslag
    • Deelwoorde
    • Sinonieme
    • Antonieme
    • Samestellings
    • Los-en Vaskryf
    • Direkte- en Indirekte rede
    • Blyk en Skyn
    • Homofone
    • Vraagwoorde
    • Homonieme
    • Paronieme
    • Verkleinings (1)
    • Verkleinings (2)
    • Trappe van vergelyking
    • Meervoude
    • Skeibare en onskeibare werkwoorde
  • Stylfigure
    • Stylfigure
    • Vergelykings
    • Emosies
    • Een woord vir omskrywigs
    • Idiome
    • Beeldspraak
    • Woordeskat: woorde vir lekker
  • Leestegnieke
  • Strokie
  • Advertensie
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The Advantages of Choosing iRainbow

Offline Learning Capability

iRainbow's educational software lets students study without an internet connection, reducing distractions from social media and online games and keeping them safe from inappropriate content and cyberbullying.

Monitoring and Support

The platform provides comprehensive tools for parents and educators to monitor learner progress, enabling quick identification of strengths and areas for improvement to offer targeted support.

Personalised Learning Experience

Students can tailor their learning journey by choosing avatars and virtual companions, making the educational process more interactive and enjoyable.

Structured Learning Path

The curriculum is divided into manageable segments, ensuring students fully understand each concept before moving on and keeping them engaged and motivated.

Self-Paced Learning

iRainbow supports self-paced study, accommodating different learning styles and allowing students to learn at their speed for optimal results.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The software is available on both computers and Android devices, with iOS support coming soon, ensuring learners can access it on their preferred device.

Automatic Updates

The software updates automatically with internet access, providing students with the latest features and curriculum content.

Locally Developed

Developed and supported by a dedicated local team in South Africa, iRainbow reflects our commitment to nurturing local talent and innovation, contributing to community growth.



iRainbow provides comprehensive monitoring tools that allow parents and educators to track progress, identify strengths and weaknesses, and offer targeted support to ensure successful learning outcomes.


Technically, no, but the foundations from grade 10 will impact their marks in grades 11 and 12, which do count for university entrance requirements.


Yes, iRainbow’s structured curriculum and comprehensive review sections make it an excellent tool for exam preparation. They help students reinforce their knowledge and practice key concepts effectively.