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Grade 3 English Offline Educational Software

iRainbow’s Grade 3 English Educational Software is designed for parents and educators to take their child’s reading and phonics skills to the next level, building on the foundation laid in Grade 2 English. This year, your child will continue to explore the fascinating world of letters and sounds, enhancing their ability to recognise and use a variety of phonics patterns. They will dive into understanding all vowel and consonant blends learnt so far, which includes tackling silent letters in words—such as ‘k’ in “know” and ‘b’ in “comb”—a new and exciting challenge for them.

Moreover, the software introduces the concept of homographs and homophones, teaching children about words pronounced the same but have different meanings or spellings, like ‘pair’ and ‘pear’, and ‘hair’ and ‘hare’. This broadens their vocabulary and sharpens their spelling skills as they learn to use letter sounds and names effectively. iRainbow’s Grade 3 curriculum crafted to make learning English enjoyable and engaging, encouraging children to develop a more profound love for reading and writing. Through interactive activities and structured lessons, we aim to foster a strong English proficiency in your child, setting a solid foundation for their future academic success.

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What Parents Say

I’m really impressed with iRainbow! It’s so easy to use and my kids love it! They are getting better marks in maths as a result. The amount of exercises and assessments is huge, and the report system is excellent. Best of all, you don’t need an internet connection to use it. – which is great if you are traveling or don’t have a signal. The service is fantastic too! Really responsive and helpful. Overall, I cannot recommend iRainbow enough!
Metthew Msiza
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As an Educator I’m really impressed with Rainbow! The product is amazing and the kids can spend hours on it without getting bored. The videos are top-notch and running buddies are so cure – they add a lot of fun to the experience. Overall I highly recommend it.
Dr. Tiffany Louw
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If your’re looking for an educational software tool that is great results. Rainbow is a great option. I love how simple it is to get started – your child can be up and running in minutes. And the amount of content and exercises available really helps improve their maths skills. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my kid’s maths marks since using Rainbow by 40%!
Kuvashnee Naidoo


English: Grade 3 (Foundation Phase) Curriculum

  • A1: Identifies letter-sound and letter-name relationships of all single letters.
  • A2: Recognises consonant digraphs (sh-, -sh, ch-, -ch, th-, -th and wh-) at the beginning and end of words (sh-irt, ch-irp, th-ink, wh-en, wi-sh, ri-ch, bo-th).
  • A3: Recognises vowel digraphs taught in Grade 2 such as ‘oo’, ‘ee’, ‘ea’, ‘ai’, ‘oa’, ‘ay’.
  • A4: Recognises that some sounds are represented by a number of different spelling choices (play, pain, plate; feet, read, key; boat, blow, note; tiger, like, sigh, fly).
  • A5: Recognises ‘silent e’ or split digraphs in words such as same, bite, note.
  • A6: Recognises and uses rhyming words such as blow, flow, and glow.
  • A7: Builds 3, 4 and 5-letter words using the consonant and vowel digraphs taught this term.
  • A8: Sorts letters and words into alphabetical order.
  • A9: Spells words correctly using phonic knowledge.
  • B1: Recognises that some sounds can be represented by a number of different spelling choices such as ow (cow), ou (found).
  • B2: Recognises digraphs making /f/ (e.g., ‘ph’ as in elephant, ‘gh’ as in laugh).
  • B3: Recognises that the same spelling can represent different sounds, e.g., ‘bread’, ‘read’.
  • B4: Recognises spelling choices like aw (draw), au (autumn).
  • B5: Recognises spelling choices like tie, high, sky; few, blue.
  • C1: Recognises all vowel and consonant blends learnt so far.
  • C2: Recognises silent letters in words, that is, ‘k’ as in know, ‘l’ as in half, ‘b’ as in comb, ‘w’ as in write, ‘h’ as in hour.
  • C3: Uses words that are pronounced and spelt the same but have different meanings, such as fly: to fly in an aeroplane or a fly that is an insect.
  • C4: Uses words that sound the same but are spelt differently, such as ‘pair’ and ‘pear’, ‘hair’ and ‘hare’.
  • C5: Uses both the letter sound as well as the letter name to spell words.
  • D1: Recognises and uses all phonics learnt so far.
  • D2: Recognises hard and soft sounds of ‘c’ and ‘g’ such as ‘c’ as in city; ‘g’ as in giant.
  • D3: Recognises vowels such as -ere in ‘here’, -air as in ‘hair’, -are as in ‘square’.
  • D4: Recognises and uses spelling patterns such as -igh [high], -ough [tough], -eigh [neigh], -augh [caught].
  • D5: Recognises and uses synonyms: happy is the same as glad, and antonyms: good is the opposite of bad.
  • D6: Recognises and uses prefixes such as un-, re-, and suffixes such as -ful, -ness.
  • D7: Breaks down multi-syllabic words into separate syllables: re-mem-ber.
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How To Use Our Software

The Advantages of Choosing iRainbow

Continuous Offline Learning Journey

iRainbow offers an uninterrupted learning experience without internet connectivity, effectively removing common online issues such as distractions, exposure to unsuitable content, and cyber risks.

Monitoring by Educational Guardians

Our platform provides comprehensive feedback on students' learning progress to both educators and parents, facilitating immediate recognition of their strengths and areas requiring enhancement.

Customised Educational Adventures

Students can customise their avatars and choose a digital companion for their educational journey, enhancing engagement and making the learning process enjoyable and interactive.

Organised Educational Pathways

iRainbow thoughtfully curates its content, presenting lessons in digestible segments. This structured approach keeps students interested in each topic, promoting ongoing engagement and understanding.

Flexible Learning Speed

Understanding that each student learns at their own pace and style, iRainbow supports learning at a speed that accommodates the individual learner.

Compatibility Across Multiple Devices (Coming Soon to iOS)

Designed to function seamlessly on Android and PC, iRainbow allows learners to access their studies through smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Effortless Content Update

iRainbow quickly updates its educational content when connected to the internet, ensuring learners can access the latest information and learning materials.

Tribute to South African Innovation

iRainbow is a testament to South African creativity, crafted with passion by a dynamic team of local talents. We are committed to nurturing and promoting indigenous innovation.



The Grade 3 curriculum for English Home Language is designed around five main areas: Listening and Speaking, Phonics and Spelling, Reading, Handwriting, and Writing. These components are explored through various engaging methods, including songs, rhymes, storytelling, oral discussions, and writing exercises. The primary objective is to enhance the student’s ability to effectively communicate in English by focusing on speaking, reading, and writing skills.