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Grade 5 Life Orientation Offline Educational Software

Nurture your child’s journey through Grade 5 life orientation with iRainbow’s distinctively crafted offline educational tools specifically designed for the South African curriculum. Our programme encourages self-awareness, peer relationships, and adept self-management. Your child will delve deeper into pivotal topics like discrimination, stereotypes, cultural nuances, and the diverse tapestry of South African religious festivals. Our curriculum doesn’t stop there – it reinforces home safety, underscores the vitality of water, promotes balanced child nutrition, and brings to light essential discussions on environmental health, HIV and AIDS education, and substance abuse prevention. With iRainbow, empower your child’s evolution into a conscious, compassionate individual, primed to navigate the world with empathy and understanding.

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What Parents Say

I’m really impressed with iRainbow! It’s so easy to use and my kids love it! They are getting better marks in maths as a result. The amount of exercises and assessments is huge, and the report system is excellent. Best of all, you don’t need an internet connection to use it. – which is great if you are traveling or don’t have a signal. The service is fantastic too! Really responsive and helpful. Overall, I cannot recommend iRainbow enough!
Metthew Msiza
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As an Educator I’m really impressed with Rainbow! The product is amazing and the kids can spend hours on it without getting bored. The videos are top-notch and running buddies are so cure – they add a lot of fun to the experience. Overall I highly recommend it.
Dr. Tiffany Louw
A parent with his two children happy after using iRainbow's offline educational software
If your’re looking for an educational software tool that is great results. Rainbow is a great option. I love how simple it is to get started – your child can be up and running in minutes. And the amount of content and exercises available really helps improve their maths skills. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my kid’s maths marks since using Rainbow by 40%!
Kuvashnee Naidoo


Grade 5 Life Orientation Curriculum

  • Positive self-concept formation
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Coping with emotions
  • Relationships with peers, older people and strangers
  • Self management skills
  • Concepts: discrimination, stereotype and bias
  • Child abuse
  • Dealing with violent situations
  • Issues of age and gender in different cultural contexts in South Africa
  • Festivals and customs from a variety of religions in South Africa
  • Safety measures around the home – Fire safety
  • Water as an important basic need
  • Healthy eating for children
  • Local environmental health problems
  • HIV and AIDS education
  • Substance abuse
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A happy student smiles in a classroom while exploring Grade 5 life orientation via iRainbow on her laptop.

How To Use Our Software

The Advantages of Choosing iRainbow

Freedom to Learn Offline

iRainbow ensures uninterrupted learning without internet access, sidestepping potential disruptions like online distractions, unsuitable content, and cyberbullying.

Insight for Parents and Teachers

Through our platform, educators and parents gain invaluable insight into a student's journey, swiftly identifying their areas of excellence and zones where they require added support.

Personalised Learning Experience

Learners can customise their avatars and choose a digital companion for their journey, enhancing engagement and making education more delightful.

Structured Learning Pathways

Our content is meticulously organised, breaking down lessons into digestible chunks. This arrangement ensures students delve deep into each topic without feeling overwhelmed or disinterested.

Adaptive Learning Speeds

Understanding every child's unique learning curve, iRainbow offers the liberty to move at a pace that resonates with each student's needs.

Compatibility Across Devices (Soon on iOS)

iRainbow's versatile software runs on Android devices and PCs, offering the convenience of studying on a phone, tablet, or computer.

Hassle-Free Updates

When online, iRainbow automatically updates its content, instantly presenting users with the latest features and curriculum advancements.

A Celebration of South Africa

iRainbow is a testament to South African ingenuity, sculpted and steered by a passionate company of local professionals. Our heart beats with the rhythm of nurturing and elevating homegrown brilliance and innovation.

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