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Best Tips to Study Effectively for Exams

As August draws to a close, that means that your exams are only a couple of months away. We know how stressful this can be, but don’t worry, we are here to help. First, calm down and then take a look at some of the great tips we have put together to help you get the best out of your exam study time.

Switch Off Your Phone and Keep it Out of Sight

One of the most distracting things, when you are trying to study, can be your smartphone. It doesn’t even need to be a call, and usually isn’t. All you need to get is a simple text or social media notification and your focus is impaired. Therefore, it’s best to switch your phone off and put it away somewhere you can’t see while you study.

Tidy Up Your Study Space and Introduce Some Organisation to it

Although it may not seem like such a big deal, where you study and what it’s like can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your study. Think about the furniture, background noise and lighting. You want to study somewhere tidy and well-organised, but also somewhere that is comfortable and well-lit. Try and find a quiet space or inform anyone who lives with you or who is in the vicinity that you are going to study, so they know to be quieter.

Determine the Study Method That Works for You

We are all unique, and as such, we all learn in different ways. Therefore, if this is your first time studying for exams, it may be a good idea to give a variety of study methods a try to see which works best for you. While some prefer to use diagrams and flow charts because they are more visual, others like to write out and print off notes. Others still prefer to use stimulating music (like classical, not noisy and distracting pop music) to help them focus.

Don’t just study a certain way because your peers do, or your parents have suggested it. Have a look at the various methods there are and find which works best for you.

Start Your Own Study Group

Are there concepts and subjects you are having a hard time understanding on your own? Get help. Even if your teachers and lecturers are unable to give you time, you could start up your own group for others in the same boat as you. You will find that there is a huge difference between working together, discussing and thinking about subjects in a group and writing down your own notes. It could be that you understand things better that they don’t and vice versa.

Obviously, it may be worth with more specialist and technical areas of study like science and maths to seek out extra lessons to bolster the knowledge and understanding you already have.

Keep Testing Yourself

One of the best ways to study and prepare for exams is to actually go through the process of sitting them before you actually do it for real. Get some old papers and try following exam conditions and answering the questions. As well as giving you a better understanding of what questions are likely to come up, it will also give you a feel for the amount of time you have and how it feels in that pressured environment.